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The Kagisano Society

The Kagisano Society is the umbrella body, which encompasses the Women’s Shelter and the Kagisong Conference Centre (“Kagisong”), that offers services that include:

Drop-In Centres
KWSP operates a drop in centre (DIC) in Gaborone where clients can come for both scheduled and unscheduled counselling. Counsellors provide individual counselling and couple’s counselling, as well as counselling for children. At the DIC, counsellors also refer clients to other services including police, medical aid, legal aid, employment opportunities, and education registration.

The shelter, located in Gaborone, provides temporary shelter for women and their children who are looking to escape abusive home environments. The shelter has the capacity to house 16 clients at any given time and clients from all over the country are served. During their stay, clients are provided with 24 hour on-site support, counselling, survival skills training, employment assistance, and referrals to other services as needed.

Community Outreach
A number of community outreach initiatives are executed through both the Gaborone and Molepolole offices. Activities include advocacy work through cultural dialogues with community political and traditional leaders, and consultations and collaborations with police. Other activities are designed to raise awareness about GBV including health talks at local businesses and offices, media interactions, and even door-to-door community mobilisation. Specialised community outreach programmes focus on mobilising men who are a key demographic in the fight against GBV. Youths are also mobilised both through schools and out of school workshops, support groups, and lifeskills training activities.


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Physical Address: Plot 6062/3 Extension 19 Broadhurst, Gaborone

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