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Thursday, 20 February 2020 15:09

BGBVC Clinical Services

If you are a survivor of rape or sexual assault report within 72 hours at BGBVC and have access to the following clinical services;
I. Emergency Contraceptives
II. Post-Exposure Prophylaxis
III. HIV Testing and Counselling
IV. Sexual Transmitted Infection Screening and treatment
V. Family Planning Services
VI. Psycho social support and counselling also provided

Our Clinic is located at Broadhurst Ext. 19 Tshimotharo Plot 6062/3.
Contacts; Landline: 3907659, Cellphone: 74265081 or send Help to 16510.

Physical Address: Plot 6062/3 Extension 19 Broadhurst, Gaborone

  • Phone: +267 3907659
  • Fax: +267 3908691